HC Investigations Inc.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are a cost-effective way to determine if further investigative efforts are needed. These checks serve as a "snapshot" of a claimant's activity on any given day. Our investigators arrive early in the morning, and if the claimant is active, remain in observance until activity ceases.

In addition, investigators perform a neighborhood canvas to attempt to verify the claimant's day-to-day activities and patterns including evidence of a home business, home improvement project or hobby that violates restricted behavior.

While an Activity Check may not result in concrete evidence of a claimant's fraudulent activities, it can provide a fairly accurate indication of the claimant's living environment and activity level.

The following services are included in a standard activity check:

      • Social Security Number Verification
      • Neighborhood Interview
      • Limited surveillance operations
      • Courthouse and Drivers history verifications
      • Description of Residence & Neighborhood
      • Criminal & Civil Records Checks
      • 35mm Photos of Residence
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