HC Investigations Inc.

Interview Witness

Witnesses are a crucial component of successful legal cases. Great care must be taken to properly interview and document the testimony of a witness. How they are approached can be a determining factor in how cooperative and useful witnesses are in the long run.

In most cases, in-person contact with the witness is preferable. However if needed we also provide recorded telephonic statements.

Telephonic - Level 1 Search

  • For cases which require low-cost witness statements
  • Recorded telephonic statement taken with no interview prior to recording. Statement taken may be positive, negative or neutral

Cost is $80 per hour.
For Spanish language statements - add $55 please.

In Person - Level 2 Search
  • Subject is thoroughly interviewed in person
  • If witness has both favorable and unfavorable information, a written declaration can be taken, emphasizing favorable facts
  • For hostile witnesses, recorded statement can be taken to commit the witness to unreasonable assertions for impeachment
  • You may instruct us not to take a statement if witness is unfavorable
  • Report contains description of subject

Cost is $80 per hour.

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