HC Investigations Inc.


HC Investigations provides legal support services in conjunction with your legal representation.  Our investigative services can be crucial in establishing the facts surrounding a legal case. Not only does it increase your odds of winning but it is a cost-effective means of substantiating your case. 

Our strategy is effective for criminal cases, civil suits, divorce proceedings, and child custody.

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Insurance and Workers Compensation
Insurance fraud costs companies substantial amounts time and money to manage and handle. HC Investigations insurance investigations can save your company's assets. We are a cost-effective way of reducing false claims in following areas: Worker's Compensation, Automotive Liability and Personal Injury lawsuits.

Insurance investigation can be performed through claimant locates, and surveillance, interviews and many other techniques. Our private investigators are experts in the field.

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HC Investigations services also include extensive background checks on potential care givers and employees, driving records, searches for missing persons, child custody investigations and infidelity investigations. 

We understand the sensitive emotions and need for confidentiality when handling these types of services and treat you with the utmost respect when handling.

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