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We specialize in surveillance and get you results.

Surveillance investigations are critical to evaluating the validity of a worker's compensation claim.

Videotape, photograph or eyewitness testimony provides valuable evidence to support or impeach a claimant's testimony. Providing clear, steady videotape under difficult circumstances separate us from other investigative agencies. It is not unusual for our investigators to procure a videotape of claimants shopping in grocery stores, auto part stores and malls.

In situations where videotaping is too risky, we can provide a detailed written account of their observations and are available to testify in court.

What we do.

HC Investigations investigators typically spend 8-10 hours a day on a given surveillance investigation.

Investigators usually arrive early in the morning to determine if the claimant appears to be working at home or employed by a third party. If the claimant is inactive for an extended period of time, surveillance may be discontinued until the afternoon or another day.

Our investigators will determine if the subject is present during the surveillance period, so that we are not watching a "Dead House." However, if the claimant is active, the investigator remains in observance until activity ceases or darkness prohibits further documentation.

Why choose HC Investigations for your next Surveillance project:

Background Research: We do thorough background research before going out in the field. We confirm addresses, ID vehicles and perform pre-surveillance activity research. The level of detail far surpasses the average "background check" done by other firms. This, combined with our half-day subject confirmation pull-off policy, results in more productive days in the field.

Video Surveillance: We obtain active video in 75% of the cases we work. This leads to more opportunity for you to receive the case breaking-video that makes surveillance the valuable tool it is.

Feedback: You get real-time feedback on your surveillance case, so you can be sure at all times that your investment is paying off. Our fast two-week turnaround gives you the information you need to make timely decisions on your file. Our easy-to-read reports, with concise and descriptive case summaries, make efficient use of your time.

Experienced Investigators: Our surveillance investigators are well-trained seasoned professionals averaging six years experience. Many are ex-law enforcement. This distinguishes us from those firms that offer substandard surveillance by hiring inexperienced people off the street with no expertise, paying them poorly, and then shoving them out in the field with a video camera. This approach is hit and miss, and more importantly, it can result in a blown cover, damaging the chances for success in the future.

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